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About Atlantic Photo

Atlantic Photo Service, Inc. is a Boston based commercial photography studio. Our in town location has free parking and walk in access. Atlantic's studio is a fully equipped digital production facility with full kitchen and multiple shooting bays. Atlantic's chief photographer is certified by the Professional Photographers of America.
Obtaining the Certified Professional Photographer status involves rigorous testing and the submission of current works created by the photographer. Our equipment is state of the art. We utilize Leaf digital camera backs, Nikon D2Xs cameras, Hasselbald cameras and Sinar view cameras. Through the use of Macintosh dual processor networked workstations we are able to provide most photo files by the end of the shooting session. Atlantic's full time qualified Photoshop person is an expert at retouching and putting the final touches on all of our work. We also provide a WiFi network for our client's personal use. Our specialties include all aspects of commercial photography including food photography, advertising photography, corporate photography, illustrative photography, location photography, catalog photography, people photography, portrait photography, large group photography, small group photography, panoramic photography, industrial photography, product photography, architectural photography, engineering photography, business photography, manufacturing photography, document photography, documentary photography, insurance photography, legal photography, forensic photography, lifestyle photography, insurance photography, annual report photography, time lapse photography, event photography, meeting photography, convention photography, trade show photography, booth photography, headshot photography, brochure photography, editorial photography, party photography, environmental portraiture photography, Public Relations photography, PR photography, press conference photography, progress photography, construction photography, magazine photography, and web site photography. One of Atlantic photo's team of professional photographers can handle all your photographic needs with cutting edge equipment, creative lighting and exquisite composition.

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